The Petlja Foundation was founded with an aim of promoting and improving algorithmic literacy in Serbia, with goal to make programming accessible to everyone – children and their parents, students and their teachers, inquisitive technology enthusiasts and everybody else wishing to acquire a new skill that may be crucial for their personal and professional development.

Team of experts created interactive educational materials for primary and secondary school students, which are accessible online and free to use for everyone who is interested in taking their first steps in learning programming. Focus is on Python programming language, and also for programming competitions.

3Lateral and Epic Games recognized the value being delivered through development of structured and effective education in the domain of algorithmic literacy.Therefore we’ve awarded Petlja with a sponsorship to support them on that path.

Petlja Foundation is raising the public awareness about the importance of algorithmic literacy, and encouraging different social entities to actively participate in the development and promotion of general algorithmic literacy and, in particular, computer programming. Elementary and high school curriculums are being covered by proven methodology concepts (some of them developed by their team), and are regularly being revised taking in account the feedback from the school professors and the industry partners. Their online educational courses are free for everyone and are applied across elementary and secondary education in Serbia. In other words, their platform and courses present the core of algorithmic literacy and programming language education within our ecosystem.

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