The year-long education project Playing Narratives is an initiative of the French and Goethe Institutes in Serbia and Serbian Games Association, supported by members of the ecosystem and education partners.

In 2021, the first Playing Narratives programme introduces comic artists, illustrators, animators, creative writers, as well as those who deal with computer modeling or sound design to the world of game development.

23 selected participants have undergone an intense period of learning and working in teams on a game design document during a 9-month period. Lectures and workshops cover topics such as video game history, narrative design, visual storytelling, character development, game and level design, game art and animation, participants also get acquainted with technical (game engine) and business aspects.

The programme focused on delivering a valuable educational experience utilizing a ‘learn by doing’ approach complemented by industry mentors and lecturers. It also introduced future storytellers (yes, few participants are still teenagers) to narrative-enabling technologies such as Unreal Engine and MetaHuman Creator.

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