As a part of Epic Game`s keynote held at GDC 2019, Vladimir Mastilovic (3Lateral`s CEO) outlined the evolution of 3Lateral’s digital humans and shared the vision for future development of digital humans technologies. After recently joining the Unreal Engine team and Epic Games family, 3Lateral will continue to fuel digital humans technologies and bring it closer to the industry and the users. 

We feel we have developed and improved a powerful set of technologies and our mission now is to bring this to all Unreal Engine users. 3Lateral is also expending its team and in addition to starting to contribute to developing Unreal Engine features we will continue to provide services as this is the important part of our identity and keeps our technologies always challenging and relevant. We are truly excited about the future and about bringing powerful character tools to all Unreal Engine users.

During the same keynote, Goodbye Kansas has revealed the “Troll”, a real-time cinematic technology demonstration created with Epic’s Unreal Engine, directed by Björne Larson from Deep Forest Films, and developed by the Goodbye Kansas VFX, CGI and Motion Capture studios in Stockholm and Los Angeles. This cinematic piece demonstrates real-time ray tracing in Unreal Engine 4.22 to achieve an unprecedented level of quality, while also employing 4D data based technology and 3Lateral’s META Human Framework to deliver a realistic digital human face and facial performance.

This is the first preview introducing 4D technology from 3Lateral applied in a story-telling cinematic piece, to present how this newly launched technology demoed only at last’s years GDC with Andy Serkis enriches and empowers the cinematic content.

Creating realistic digital humans remains a key goal for filmmakers, content creators, and game developers, with additional applications across simulation, research, and more. Epic Games remains committed to mastering this process through real-time rendering, and democratizing the tools through Unreal Engine.

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