Ydrive is a startup developing technologies that combine geometric computer vision and deep learning algorithms to create 3D maps of our surroundings. Their solutions are applicable across the Self Driving Vehicles, Augmented Reality, Autonomous Robots and Game Development industries.

Ydrive has shown interest to further expand their solutions and utilize the Unreal Engine ecosystem of tools to support seamless digitalization of the world around us - from 2D images to 3D rendered environments with semantic meaning in Unreal Engine.

3Lateral team supported the Ydrive through their MegaGrants application process.

Epic Games eventually awarded the Ydrive project with the grant supporting both the expansion of the solutions portfolio of the Ydrive team (as a startup located in Serbia), while also enriching the Unreal Engine tools ecosystem with Ydrive developed tech that can translate 2D images into machine-readable 3D environments.

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