SIE London Studio`s award winning PSVR game - Blood & Truth is a character centric first-person shooter with an engaging narrative component set in VR. 3Lateral worked with SIE London and Cubic Motion to deliver realistic and interactive characters in a challenging VR environment.

Similar to the open-world based projects, VR requires heavy optimization where it’s important to maintain the character and animation fidelity while securing efficient in-game performance. For this purpose Rig Logic technology from 3Lateral was employed to enable lossless animation compression within VR, where a minimum set of input parameters (around two hundred instead of thousands) were used to drive the whole character (its facial joints, blend shapes and wrinkle maps).

Besides the optimization benefits, Rig Logic also enabled dynamic response of the characters in runtime. With Rig Logic, the eye gaze of the characters was always following the user’s head movement and position, ensuring that characters engage directly with the users. The interrogation scene from the Blood and Truth demonstrates an incredible experience where uninterrupted eye contact keeps the user deeply immersed in an emotionally intensive VR interaction.

We’re happy to share that SIE London Studio won the Immersive Reality Technical Achievement award at the 23rd Annual “Design Innovate Communicate Entertain” Awards ceremony for their Blood and Truth game. 3Lateral team is proud to have worked on this project where our character technologies and Rig Logic supported both the performance and interaction requirements of VR.

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