​New digital experience is brought to life through interactive entertainment experience in Virtual Reality called Zena which can be driven in real time and Artificial Intelligence connected.

Result of collaboration between Reality Reflection and 3Lateral was revealed for the first time at Mobile World Congress 2018. in Barcelona. It demonstrated how fine elements of both facial and body motion follow the human anatomy principles to express elaborate motion and realism of the digital human by bringing to life its hair, skin details, extensive facial expression set and fluid body deformations. To make experience more intense, alike dancing instructor, Zena can make eye contact with the audience in VR by tracking eye gaze of the observers. Rig Logic technology from 3Lateral enables this, by allowing animation to be layered and modified in real-time in regards to the interaction with the audience.

Tier 2 characters, like Zena, are scan based rigs where only a limited set of highly specific facial expression is captured and processed. Their specification presents a sweet spot when it comes to rig quality, production efficiency and computational requirements all supporting light integration within VR projects.

Reality Reflection used its 3D scanning technology to capture over 80 unique facial expressions relevant for FACS (Facial Action Coding System) representation of human face that could be used for Zena, relying on 3Lateral’s support and consultancy to optimally set and apply their 3D scanning hardware for human face and body scanning. 3Lateral used its skills in face textures and rigging, body textures, modelling and rigging, hair creation and cloth textures for the purpose of making Zena lifelike.

Teaming up these two companies brought the achievement - pulling off in virtual reality (VR) a sense of connection, particularly with a convincing digital replica of a human that can be either a well recognized celebrity or an unknown person from real world! This co-development presented in Unreal Engine enriches the evolvent of interactive digital duplicates.

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